UV LED whitening sonic toothbrush white
UV LED whitening sonic toothbrush white
UV LED whitening sonic toothbrush white
UV LED whitening sonic toothbrush white


UV LED whitening sonic toothbrush white
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Weltweit einzigartige Zahnbürste mit unserer TrifunctionTM – Technik

Fortschrittliche Schalltechnologie für bessere Reinigung

Unterstützt die Zahnaufhellung beim Zähneputzen.

2-Minuten-Timer mit 30-Sekunden-Intervallen für einfaches, besseres Zähneputzen.

5 einzigartige Bürstenmodi für alle Bedürfnisse Ihres Lächelns.

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How does the herosmile TrifunctionTM – LED sonic toothbrush work? The Herosmile Tricution ™ supports tooth whitening with UV light. Energy from the handpiece is fed electromagnetically into the brush head and 8 UV LEDs in the bristle field are activated. Superior plaque removal through sonic vibration. Particularly gentle on the gums.
The additional photobiological effect significantly reduces the bacterial biofilm on the tooth surface and in the bristle field of the sonic toothbrush itself. Pleasant medium hardness of the DuPont bristles.

5 programs:
Clean: Normal cleaning
White: Optimized application of active ingredients
Tip: The White mode has been optimized for use with the herosmile pap+ tooth whitening cream Polish Stronger cleaning
Massage: Gums & tongue
Sensitive: Gentle cleaning

Scope of delivery
1x toothbrush handpiece
2x brush head
1x charging station
1x USB Charging cable
1x USB charging plug
1x user manual

Nennspannung: DC 3,7V
Eingangsspannung: DC 5V
Aufladestrom: 100mAh
Batteriekapazität: 1100mAh
Akku-Typ: Lithium-Batterie
Vibrationsfrequenz: 27000-36000 min-1

Was ist Herosmile?
Wir erklären es dir!

Thorough cleaning: Electronic sonic toothbrushes offer a more thorough cleaning compared to traditional manual toothbrushes thanks to the sound-based technology. Time saving: Electronic sonic toothbrushes clean in less time than manual toothbrushes. Simplicity: Electronic sonic toothbrushes are easy to use and often offer different cleaning modes for individual needs.

Improve Oral Health: Electronic sonic toothbrushes can help prevent or reduce tooth decay, gingivitis, and other oral health problems. Electric toothbrush - for 10x better plaque removal in hard-to-reach places. With our electric sonic toothbrush you can clean your teeth comfortably and thoroughly and achieve significantly better results than with a conventional manual toothbrush. Due to the vibration, the bristles glide over your teeth at the optimum speed without endangering the tooth enamel. Bye bye manual toothbrush - hello new tooth brushing experience!